The Security Manufacturers Coalition serves as the unified voice of companies that manufacture security screening technology. Organized under ACC, the coalition focuses on aviation and intermodal security issues in the U.S. and globally.

Members of the coalition include manufacturers of security screening technology that is tested and certified to meet internationally-recognized standards. Member companies provide security screening equipment to a large number of public and private organizations worldwide. Members of the Security Manufacturers Coalition include Analogic Corporation; Battelle; Garrett Metal Detectors; L3 Security & Detection Systems; Leidos, Inc.; Rapiscan Systems; VTC; and Smiths Detection. The coalition is continuing to recruit additional members to strengthen its efforts in working with regulators and legislators.

The coalition addresses issues that most affect security technology companies, such as: partnering with government to create strategic plans for the deployment of screening technologies; partnering with government to define requirements to better drive research and development investments; advocating for adequate funding levels; encouraging transparency in funding; advocating for efficient and equitable acquisition processes; and providing attention to ongoing harmonization of international standards and regulations.

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