Fall 2010

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Enhancing Freight Mobility and a Regional Economy
An Airport/ Railroad Case Study
By Robin C. Chapman, Norfolk Southern Corporation
Airports and railroad yards are completely different animals, but plansare afoot in Charlotte, NC to make them stable mates.
Charlotte Douglas International Airport, owned by the city ofCharlotte, serves seven domestic, six regional and two foreign carries,is a major regional hub for US Airways, and handles 643 departures perday. In 2009, it not only handled almost 35 million passengers but also120,000 tons of freight.Read more...

'Virtually' Transforming the Common Use Paradigm
By Mark Sapp, Air-Transport IT Services, Inc.

Common use passenger processing and shared use airport facilitieshave long been great concepts. Unfortunately, they have lackedmeaningful execution and true airline acceptance for the firsttwenty-five years of their existence. Today's virtualization technologychanges the game and allows airports the ability to deliver true nativesystem functionality to airlines while garnering unparalleled facilitycontrol and growth capabilities.Full article...

What Employees Need to Be Engaged
By: Leigh Branham, CEO and Principal, Keeping the People,Inc.

What makes the top one percent of workplaces so much better thanothers? An analysis of 2.1 million employee engagement surveys from10,000 employers that entered Best-Place-to-Work competitions in 45 U.S.cities showed common themes among companies that are successful inengaging their employees. Read more...

"A careful conversation is a failed conversation, becauseit merely postpones the conversation that wants and needs to takeplace." - Susan Scott, author of "Fierce Conversations"...
Ronald L. Peckham, P.E., C&C Companies, ACC 2010 Board ofDirectors Chair

I believe an important membership conversation that needs totake place is one addressing an action item from the ACC Strategic Plan,SP1(B) Explore including a broader mix ofcompanies involved in aviation as ACC members. The purpose of thisaction item is to learn if ACC is meeting current member needs relatingto networking and business development opportunities; consider thepossibility of including a broader spectrum of firms/companies involvedin airport development to increase the value of the organization; andsustain the council as a relevant and viable force in the future airportdevelopment arena. Full story...

After All
Designing an Effective Aviation CongestionStrategy
By Steve Van Beek, President & CEO of Eno TransportationFoundation

The Summer of 2010 has brought a renewed sense of optimism tothe North American aviation industry. Almost all U.S. and Canadianairlines were profitable in the second quarter and have yet tosignificantly increase capacity, setting the stage for a much better2010 than 2009. For passengers, disruptions in the form of delays andcancellations have not reached the levels they had five or ten years agoand even though passenger fares are increasing, air travel remainsrelatively inexpensive, accessible and a common part of the lives ofmany.  Full story...  

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