Summer 2009

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Cover Stories
Terminal & Airside Planning
By Mark Lang,Lang & Associates & Mark Kuttris, Wilbur Smith & Associates
In the world of airport planning, much has changed.Some of the old approaches to developing airports would produceerroneous outcomes if applied today. The reconfiguration of security,altered airline route structures and fleet mix changes are among thefactors that require terminal planners to adjust their approaches. Onthe airside, the transition to electronic Airport Layout Plans, theemphasis on reducing runway incursions and the call for consistencyconcerning Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 77, TerminalInstrument Procedures (TERPS) and International Civil AviationOrganization (ICAO) are among the most challenging planning issues. Sowhat advice do experts have to offer? We asked a terminal and an airsideexpert to share their views…fullstory. 

Former TSA Administrator Hawleynamed ACC 2009 Aviation Award of Excellence Recipient
Edmund S. “Kip”Hawley, Former TSA Administrator, has been selected as recipient of theACC 2009 Aviation Award of Excellence. He was chosen among a strongfield of nominees for his leadership in guiding the evolution ofAmerica’s airport and aviation security regime during theinception of TSA and when he served as TSA Administrator between 2005and 2009…fullstory.

Consultant Perspective
Prevention Planning: HowConsultants Can Help Mitigate Wildlife Strikes
By Rick Paddock,RPaddockConsults, LLC
Wildlife strikes havegained much more attention since the emergency landing of US AirwaysFlight 1549 in the Hudson River in January of this year. Prior to theaccident there was, however, reason for concern. The Federal AviationAdministration (FAA) National Wildlife Strike Database shows that theseincidents have been on the rise; with nearly 8,768 occurrences in 2008compared to 2,074 recorded in 1990. Readmore...

Executive Update
Moving Forward byLooking Backward
By Evan Futterman,Futterman Consulting, Inc.,2009 ACC Board of Directors Chair
The teams that formtoday in pursuit of airport development projects look much differentthan the teams of the 1970’s, when ACC first emerged as anorganization.   In the‘70’s, the majority of consulting fi9rms were hired byairports as individual entities. Many of the firms weremulti-disciplined and viewed as capable of “doing itall.” Readmore…

After All
Reevaluating Barriers toa Successful Airport
By Cedric Curtis,AIA, Reynolds, Smith, and Hills,Inc.  
Over the last decade, theimpetus for airport terminal area improvements has generally focused onsecurity enhancements for passenger and baggage screening, but anothertrend has quietly continued: adherence to the Americans withDisabilities Act (ADA). Since 1990, the nation’s airports andtransportation centers have been working to make their facilitiescompliant with evolving accessibility standards...fullstory.

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