Fall 2009

Cover Story
Design/Build Projects: Opportunitiesand Risks for Consultans & Owners
By David K. Hein, Vice President,Transportation, Applied ResearchAssociates, Inc.Image

Under the D/B delivery process, the design andconstruction phases are combined into or in one contract that is awardedto a single entity, usually a joint venture made up of consultants andcontractors. The design firms’ and sponsors roles may besignificantly different in D/B projects compared to traditionaldesign/big/build (D/B/B) projects. These role changes can createsignificant opportunities for airport consultants and project sponsors,but they can also pose challenges and risks. Readmore…

Special Feature
Facility Activation: Ensuring aSeamless Transition
By Kenneth Brammer, Vice President,Delta Airport Consultants

The amount of time to plan, design and construct amajor new airport facility is usually measured in years, yet the clumsytransition to facility activation can quickly taint years of hard work.Construction can be a smashing success, but if the occupiers of thefacility are unable to move in, operate and then maintain the facility,the project will likely receive unfavorable reviews and will mostcertainly result in increased costs for the owner. Fullstory…

Consultant Perspective
Integrating Sustainable Objectives inAirport Master Plans: A Case Study
By Charlie McDermott, LEED, Manager, PlanningDepartment and Courtney Armbruster, LEED, CommunicationsSpecialist,C&SCompanies

Ithaca Thomkins Regional Airport in Ithaca, NY ismaking a name for itself by becoming the first FAA funded airport masterplan that fully incorporates sustainability into the planning process.Located in a community known for its support of environmentalism, alongwith access to the world-class sustainability research and educationalresources of nearby Cornell University and Ithaca College, thisinnovative project was a natural fit. The FAA also recognized the valueof fully integrating sustainable objectives into the airport master planand funded the project to enable the expanded scope to beachieved. Readmore…

Executive Update
Our Aviation Family
By Evan Futterman, Futterman Consulting

We spend our careers, or a good part thereof, inaviation because we enjoy feeling part of an extended“family” We form relationships and, sometimes, lifelongfriendships with fellow consultants, airport leaders and other aviationcareers, many of us will experience a phenomenon that lies at the heartof why we chose to work in this industry in the first place. Fullstory…

After All
QBS for Contractors?

Qualifications based selections (QBS) is, and hasbeen, widely considered the preferred procurement process forconsultants providing professional services. However, according to awhite paper by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC),there is growing interest among owners and the contracting community touse QBS in the selection of contractors. The benefits of using QBS forthe contractors are compelling, but challenges remain. Readmore…

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